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Poll bound Telangana, Congress banks on six guarantees, including INR 2500 monthly and free bus travel for women, alleges BJP-BRS-AIMIM nexus

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Some have described it as Karnataka re run as the Congress, fighting ruling BRS-AIMIM combine along with mighty BJP, has come up with six set of guarantees for the poll bound state of Telangana hoping to win people over. Likewise under the Rhythu Bharosa scheme, the farmers would be given Rs 15,000 besides Rs 12,000 for agricultural labour and Rs 500 bonus for paddy crop.

Congress has also promised 200 units free electricity for all deserving households, house site and Rs 5 lakhs for people not having own house apart from 250 sq yards plot for all Telangana movement fighters.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in his address pointed out, “There is some case against every opposition leader. ED, CBI, and Income Tax Department are after all the opposition leaders but there is no case against Telangana CM, or there is no case against AIMIM leaders… PM Narendra Modi never attacks his own people, he considers your CM and AIMIM party as his own, hence there is no case against him. He has broken all records of corruption but there is no case against him.”

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