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Blood dripping
Blood dripping

Blood dripping, injured hand, enraged young man, why this video is viral

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Blood dripping from hurt hand and a young man climbing down stairs under the influence of liquor, indeed a scary scene for anyone. But the online video that has gone viral shows just this and it happened in the Summit building of Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar where ruckus was reported on the issue of entry into club.

It is learnt that the youth had some physical altercation with bouncers at the club of the Summit building. The young man was so enraged that he actually hit a glass window with his bare fist but this left him injured and bloody.

But, police sources, apparently under influence of liquor remained unfazed and he climbed down the stairs with blood dripping his hands. It was an ugly scene that blood spots became visible all over the premises.

Police, which later intervened, is of the view that the man must have begun feeling weak and exhausted after so much blood loss and thus lied down at the ground floor outside of the building.

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