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Former Prime Minister
Former Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister’s driver spits at woman, viral video, watch what happened here

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Army rules in Pakistan but politics there remains interesting even for the outside world. Ruling party PML-N’s supremo Nawaz Sharif, who is also former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is being harassed for some months by supporters of Imran Khan Niazi, the former Prime Minister, who has fallen out of favour with Pakistan’s Army.

But the harassment and sloganeering had come to being normal for the Nawaz Sharif, who is in London for now.

A viral video has now gone viral where a woman stops the SUV of the former PM to communicate her grievances. But strangely enough, Sharif’s driver chooses to spit on the woman and then drives off just as smoothly.

The whole thing got caught on the woman’s mobile phone and now is going viral.

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