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Kamal Nath
Kamal Nath

Why field a tired leader repeatedly ?? asks Assam CM while in Jabalpur

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In poll bound Madhya Pradesh, the ruling BJP is now targetting the opposition Congress for its CM face fielded. Assam CM Himant Biswa Sarma, talking to media reporters, termed the former CM Kamal Nath as a tired leader of the Congress party in Madhya Pradesh.

He also recalled a conversation that he had with a Congress leader who was visiting Assam. Sarma claimed to have asked the visiting Congress leader as to why such a tired leader is repeatedly being fielded by the Congress party in Madhya Pradesh election.

Very many political analysts point out that Congress is hoping for a Karnataka style win in Madhya Pradesh too but the BJP too is not playing it easy and would not like to lose a major state ahead of the crucial parliamentary election.

On the issue of Congress led opposition alliance boycotting certain tv anchors, the Assam CM said, “This boycott and media censorship can be traced back to 1975. It is not new. It is a rehearsal for you. For any reason, if the Congress government comes to power, the media will get censored but ISRO has made the Chandrayaan at the right time. I will send the entire Congress party to the moon, to form government there…This is childish…”.

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