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Bollywood diva
Bollywood diva

US diplomats dance with Bollywood diva in audience, why this video is viral

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As US is out to woo India amid rising geopolitical tension with China and Russia, the embassies and consulates are also upping the game on social media.

US diplomats, in their latest effort to establish connect with the masses in India, tried the dance moves to impress Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi. She is in audience when the diplomats make the dance move trying to impress the diva.

Nora Fatehi is a Canadian dancer and actress based in India who has worked in films of multiple languages but she is widely known for her sensual dancing moves.

“It’s National Dance Day in the U.S. and we’re ringing it in with Nora Fatehi and attempting her signature moves! Did we get any of them right or should we stick to our diplomacy/day jobs?”, says Mumbai based US Consulate on platform X.

The diplomats want to know if they have a dance genes or should they stick to their diplomacy’day jobs.

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