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opposition alliance
opposition alliance

Outcome of upcoming state elections, to weigh heavily on opposition alliance fate, hugely impact seat sharing with grand old party

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As Congress gears up to strategize for multiple state elections by this year end, there is anxiety underneath among the opposition grand alliance constituents or so it seems.

Coz if the Congress wins over even two of the states out of the five poll bound, it would embolden the voices within the grand old party to let the Gandhis lead the coalition in the parliamentary election of 2024 and the other regional parties support from behind.

Very many political analysts are also of the view that if Congress performance is even satisfactory, it might create more problems for the seat sharing among the opposition alliance partners in the run up to the national election.

The voting pattern of different communities would also be closely watched and analyzed and if it seems that certain communities or some regions have voted in favour of the grand old party, then the other regional players would find it hard to argue against it or claim to be accommodated in those regions or where such communities dominate.

Some political analysts are of the view that this sudden debate on the Sanatan Dharma by few of the regional parties may hurt Congress in the upcoming state level electoral contest, held in mostly Hindi speaking belt.

If Congress is not able to perform in the five state elections, then the regional players would have an upper hand in seat sharing negotiations. They would argue that it is the regional players who are taking on the mighty BJP juggernaut and also keeping alive the federal structure of the country relevant.

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