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former Chief Minister

“….not going to happen…it has been cancelled…”, says former Chief Minister, in poll bound Madhya Pradesh

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Contradictions have begun surfacing in the grand opposition alliance already or so it seems. This after former Chief Minister Kamal Nath said the opposition alliance meeting is not going to happen. But then he waits a bit and says ‘it has been cancelled’.

But this came as a shock to the media reporters who were asking about the plans for such a public meeting as had been announced earlier.

Now that former CM Kamal Nath has confirmed that no such public meeting is to take place, the political analysts view this as related to the controversy over the Sanatan Dharma that started from Tamil Nadu ruling party leader.

It need be mentioned that Kamal Nath, who is himself a CM face for the Congress in poll bound Madhya Pradesh, has been cultivating a pro-Hindu image over past many months. He has even conceded that India, because of being Hindu majority, is a Hindu Rashtra, something that the BJP has been insisting.

So the ongoing Sanatan Dharma debate may further damage the prospects for Congress party rather than helping it electorally.

So Kamal Nath reiterated that India is a country of Sanatana Dharma. “..We need to understand what is Sanatana Dharma…The BJP tries to distract people…Do you remember that in the 2019 elections, it was nationalism and surgical strike…As if they have taken agency of Dharma…People should understand that BJP will try to distract in the coming three months so as to avoid discussion on main issues…”, he tried to downplay the controversy.

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