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Is there an understanding between Congress and BJP?, asks woman leader as election nears

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In a significant upping of ante for the two mainstream national parties, the Telangana based Bharat Rashtriya Samiti MLC K Kavitha asked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as to what happened to his ED case?

“Is there an understanding between Congress and BJP?”, she asked bluntly.

But Kavita also adds, ‘ that ”secondly, Congress fight with AAP or CPI (M) in one state and forms alliance with them at another moment. You criticize them, but then you are an alliance partner of INDIA. So you have multiple opinions about these parties and your selective criticism of these parties, kindly give this nation clarity on issues like what is this political confusion that the Congress Party has and if you are confused yourself what do you expect from the people? BRS from day one has been clear. We are against both Congress and BJP. That is why we are not a part of any of the alliance. But what is the stand of Congress?”

BRS MLC K Kavitha also said, “Absolutely, I always gave credit to Sonia Gandhi (for women’s reservation bill). She passed it in the Rajya Sabha but it was 26 years back. What happened after that? Why are you (Congress) silent? After that ten years, they were in power. Why they did not push for it and get it passed in Lok Sabha? After that ten years PM Modi is in power. Why did you not care to question the PM on this? Very recently Sonia Gandhi wrote to PM for the special session of the parliament. There she talked about nine issues but she did not mention the women’s reservation bill. My question is you’re not consistent when in govt or in opposition. So please do not question the commitment of people like us. We are hooked onto an issue, we are constantly questioning and constantly fighting. Unlike the Congress Party.”

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