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woman reporter
woman reporter

Woman reporter live on TV, stranger comes along, touches her ‘bottom’…ends up arrested, watch

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In the middle of live reporting about a thief beaten up by shopkeepers in Madrid, a woman journalist got molested by a man who walked up to her. The journalist identified as Isa Balado tried to continue her live stream but it was the anchor in the studio who objected to the molestation and ordered her to bring the man in front of the camera.

The studio anchor asked “Isa, sorry but did he just touch your butt??”. To that the woman journalist too responded and turned to her molester saying “Yes as much you wanted to ask me which channel I work for, is it necessary to touch my butt ?” she confronted the man.

But he remained defiant as ever and then again tried to brush his fingers through her hair. The man, identified as 25-year-old Romanian national was subsequently arrested by the Madrid police as the video clip went viral.

European Centre for Press and Media Freedom strongly condemned the incident involving journalist Isa Balado in Madrid. Assaulting journalists is unacceptable & must be addressed promptly, it said while adding that they stand with Isa and call for a safer & more respectful environment for all female journalists.

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