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Ruling BJP issues whip to party MPs, to remain present in special session of Parliament, opposition party leader still apprehensive of ‘legislative grenades’

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BJP issues a one line whip to all party MPs of Lok Sabha to be present in the house from 18th to 22nd September to discuss very important legislative business and support the government’s stand.

The central government has convened a special session of the Indian Parliament in this duration and while the tentative agenda list has been declared, it is to be noted that Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has posted on X platform to say “….I am sure the legislative grenades are being kept up their sleeves to be unleashed at the last moment as usual. Parde ke peeche kuch aur hai!…”.

The speculation doing round on social media ranges from Women’s Reservation Bill, Uniform Civil Code and according statehood to Jammu and Kashmir.

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