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Rajasthan Petrol Dealers Association on two day strike to protest high VAT, could go for indefinite bandh as well

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On Petrol pump owners strike to reduce value-added tax (VAT) on fuel prices, petrol and diesel, Rajasthan Petrol Dealers Association Patron Sumit Beghai said, “It wouldn’t be right to call it strike, it’s a protest…It is our symbolic protest. We want to make our government aware that in the entire India, Rajasthan is selling the most expensive petrol and diesel. Until the VAT is not reduced the prices of petrol and diesel will not reduce…The government raised the tax in COVID by saying that the government’s financial position is bad…The entire nation has come back to the track of development. But the Rajasthan government has still not removed the tax…”.

The two day strike began on Wednesday to protest the high VAT that is causing diesel selling in Rajasthan expensive. It is obvious that many people fueled their vehicles ahead of the two day strike to prevent shortages.

The fuel pumps to remain closed on Thursday till 6 pm.

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