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Amid speculations running amok, govt reveals Parliament’s special session agenda, see here

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Government has gone ahead and released the agenda for Parliament’s special session that had been source of speculation for both supporters of ruling party and those in opposition.

There had been guesses as to what the government intends to bring to the Parliament in this special session that might give it the required electoral edge over the opposition alliance in the 2024 Parliamentary election.

But the agenda as revealed by the government suggests that a discussion on ‘Parliamentary journey of 75 years starting from Samvidhan Sabha, Achievements, Experiences, Memories and Learnings’ will be held in old Parliament building on Sept 18 post which there is also a bill for the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners for consideration.

As per the tentative list released in the public domain, there is The Advocates (Amendment) Bill 2023 and The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill 2023 to be taken up for deliberations by the lower house of the Parliament.

There is no mention of the intent of the government to rename India as Bharat or for that matter any bill moved on the issues like Women’s Reservation Bill or the Uniform Civil Code as was being speculated widely.

The government has convened a meeting of the floor leaders from different political parties Sept 17 and there is also the likelihood that the proceedings during this special session will be moved from old Parliament building to the new one on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the prominent Hindu festival that marks the commencement of the festive season in India.

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