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With G 20 summit meet done, all eyes now on Parliament Special Session, speculations run amok, heres what may be coming

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By Durgesh Kumar Dubey

As the verdict is now out on the G 20 summit meeting hosted by India going by the New Delhi Leaders Declaration, the speculations have once again turned to the special session of the Indian Parliament that is to begin on Sept 18.

While the sources have informed that the Parliament’s special session is to commence on Sept 18, it is likely that it would shift to the new Parliament building on Sept 19, when Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi commences. There has been no official confirmation thus far.

But the agenda of the special session is not yet known and thus speculations have begun run amok. It is learnt that even the top BJP leaders may not be in the loop as to what the agenda could be.

But based on BJP style of politics under Modi-Shah combine, it is likely that the name change may not be on the agenda at all. That the Indian constitution says ”India, that is Bharat…” shows that both India and Bharat are constitutionally accepted names for the country and while the saffron party may have start to insist more on use of Bharat, it is not likely that India would be dropped altogether.

Among other topics that are likely to be on agenda, the most prominent is Women’s Reservation Bill. This as such a legislation would not have any opposition in the Indian Parliament under the current circumstances and also that this would further garner good press for the Prime Minister Modi in the national and international media as champion of women’s representation and empowerment.

This would be furtherance of the consensus builder image that he has gained after the G 20 leaders summit amid a sharply divided world. That PM Modi himself, termed the women’s support to his party to be the secret behind the massive electoral success under his leadership, also leads one to believe that this should be on the agenda.

“Since Modi is on a renaming spree he should declare Subhash Chandra Bose as the first Prime Minister of India 1943. It was a hard fought battle and not as of Nehru who got it through tigdam with British complicity”, former Minister Subramanian Swamy posted on X platform.

BJP leadership has been clear about its intent for a Congress mukt Bharat and placing Subhash Chandra Bose on a higher pedestal and even his recognition as the first Prime Minister of India would take a lot away from grand old party, especially in the election year.

All the more, while Congress could go all out to defend Nehru, slightest hint that Bose is being disputed to achieve that goal would be unacceptable in the Indian polity and this is what the grand old party needs to worry about.

The third most prominent agenda could be according the statehood back to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir as the government has been telling the top court of the country that it is ready to hold election and extend statehood as soon as Election Commission of India gives it a go ahead.

Whats to note here too is that, there is hardly going to be any opposition to this move. With Jammu and Kashmir gaining back its statehood in the Parliament of India would be a major step as per BJP politics as the party would be in a position to claim that what the grand old party could not achieve in multiple decades, was achieved in a matter of less than a government’s five year term.

It was in year 2019 that the semi autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir was read down and it was demoted to a Union territory from a full fledged state. But come 2024, the BJP would be able to claim that it has not only diminished terror infra but has brought about investments including from West Asian countries and got the international approval too with the holding of a G 20 meeting there wihch was attended by almost all of the Western block countries.

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