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“It was a compromise clearly….”, says Netherlands premiere on G 20 leaders declaration, listen in

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In Bengaluru after attending the hugely successful G 20 summit meeting, Netherlands premiere Mark Rutte has conceded that the New Delhi Leaders Declaration was a compromise when it came to not naming Russia as the aggressor in the Ukraine conflict.

When asked if he is happy with the paragraphs on Ukraine in the New Delhi G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration, the Prime Minister agreed saying, “It was a compromise clearly. That is always the case when you come together as multilateral teams like the G20…I was happy with the fact that there were some key elements in the declaration which were very important and obviously, if I would have written it myself, it would have been different…We were with a whole bunch of people and I think it was good that India was able to broker a declaration by the 20, by all the members.”

It need be mentioned that this is quite a climb down on the part of Western block which has been hawkish on Russia and wanted the Ukraine conflict to dominate the G 20 summit meet but India and some other developing countries joined hands to make it all about global south issues.

The admission of African Union as yet another permanent member in the powerful economic grouping and appeal to the Ukraine and Russia to rejoin the Black Sea grain deal dominated the proceedings.

With BRICS expansion recently, the Western block had reasons to be all the more nervous that it is losing the influence fast enough and need to allow global south take centerstage.

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