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Amit Jogi
Amit Jogi

‘…will alleviate poverty or take legal action..’ says Amit Jogi in poll bound Chhattisgarh

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Come poll season and promises also arrive in a big way. Heres Amit Jogi, leader of Jogi Congress of Chhattisgarh, who is promising to make every person in the constituency ‘lakhpati’, ‘crorepati’ (millionaire) in five year term. He is said to be saying this while on a visit to Masturi constituency.

He spoke of filing a affidavit and not a simple manifesto carrying poll promises and this would empower the citizens of the constituency to take legal action against him if the promise of poverty alleviation is not fulfulled by him.

The Jogi Congress is not being seen as in race and the contest is mostly seen as between ruling Congress and rival BJP. But Jogi Congress may prove to be a contender in some of the constituencies along with the other minor state based political parties.

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