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Robbers sneak into a house, two leave with valuables while third kept on sleeping, eventually all of them get caught

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Quite unexpected that three would sneak into a house to rob but two while leave with valuables, they leave a third of their accomplice sleeping right there on the floor.

One such case has now been reported from Naubasta area of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh where a house owner left for his village to carry out the last rites of his deceased wife but he left the keys to the house with a neighbour.

Three robbers somehow got the tip of this empty house and managed to sneak in late Sept 8 night knowing quite a cash and other valuables stashed there because the house owner Indra Kumar had a grocery store of his own.

While the two robbers began with collecting and searching of the house, a third Deepak felt sleepy and lied there on the floor with the instructions to the friends to wake him up as they decide to leave.

But for some bizarre reason, the other two left leaving behind Deepak sleeping all the way till morning time. It was when the neighbour came to inspect the locked house that he senses somethings turned over or out of place.

Thats when he decided to take a peek inside the window and found Deepak sleeping sound. He woke him up and demanded to know who he was and how he got there. Soon enough, the neighbour raised the alarm and others in the locality too gathered on the spot.

Deepak was soon handed over to police and he led to the arrest of other two with valuables.

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