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Fully grown male elephant found dead in farm, possibly electrocuted, probe to ascertain if intentional

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A full grown male elephant was found dead in Dharamjaigarh forest of Raigarh today. The elephant carcass was found in a farm and so the probability is that he might have gotten electrocuted by accident.

While the forest department officials are on the site inspecting the situation and trying to assess the circumstance that led to the death of the male elephant, the fact is that elephants have long been visiting this area in search of food.

It is speculated that this elephant too may have reached the Medarmaar colony last night searching for food but somehow got electrocuted. It was in the morning that the rurals spotted the dead elephant and then alerted the forest officials.

The rurals also confirmed that there is herd of elephant still roaming in the area and have also caused damage to the crops.

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