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Former President

Former President holding back tears, crowd cheers for him, 2024 Presidential race heats up

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Even as US President Joe Biden is in Delhi endorsing an economic corridor from India to Europe and hoping that it would contain China or at least rival the Chinese BRI, Biden’s rival back home, Donald Trump is gathering support for the 2024 national election.

A video clip of the former President is going viral online with the claim that he nearly got teary eyed because he was describing the downfall of America under Democrat party’s Biden.

Trump is most likely to be a challenger for the Joe Biden even though the former President has a number of cases against him ongoing. Trump, while in South Dakota, reiterated to the cheering crowd that he is the sole bulwark keeping America from ruin.

In the viral video, Trump can be seen as if he is holding back tears and the crowd realizes this. They soon are on their feet cheering and whistling for him. With four indictments against him, Trump told the crowd of thousands in Rapid City of South Dakota, ” if we don’t take it back, if we don’t take it back in ’24, I really believe we’re not going to have a country left.”

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