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A pic of handshake between Indian and Italian premieres, a leading geopolitical analyst adds a joke, to needle China, social media reacts

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A pic of handshake between Indian and Italian prime ministers is of use to a leading geopolitical analyst to needle China, which has been acting aggressively these past few years.

Jeff M. Smith, who is Director of the Asian Study Center at The Heritage Foundation, shared the pic where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is according formal welcome to the Italian premiere Georgia Meloni in the G20 summit meet in Delhi.

The two can be seen laughing at something that was said between the two. Now Jeff M. Smith shared that Italian premiere must have told Indian counterpart that Italy is quitting China’s Belt and Road Initiative and that now China is left with likes of Pakistan for its ambitious connectivity project.

Now this needling or taunt from a leading geopolitical analyst on China is shared by one and many because the country has been acting aggressive to many other countries and appears to want to establish its hegemony.

In one such latest act, China actually issued a ‘standard map’ that shows territories from other countries or international waters as part of Chinese kingdom.

India as host has utilized the opportunity of G 20 summit meet to create consensus about a rival connectivity project that starts from India and via Middle East, it connects to Europe. Multiple heavyweights of the international geopolitics threw their weight behind the project thus making it difficult for China to create interest in its BRI for the wider world.

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