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Russian diplomat shares video, of extensive security arrangement, watch how he gets into Delhi G20 summit venue

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As the leaders of world’s top 20 powerful economies in addition to a few others descend onto Delhi for G 20 summit meeting, it is expected that the security situation for the venue would be unprecedented.

But then this is also an opportunity for the host country, which is India this year, to showcase it prowess in the technology sector to ensure the required security for the world’s most powerful leaders.

While the masses may know about some of the security features deployed, the Russian diplomat Dmitry Solodov, who is also spokesperson of the embassy in Delhi, shared a visual online.

He goes to the Bharat Mandapam, the G 20 venue in New Delhi, and as he faces a gate with a tablet associated with a scanner, he then puts his identity card to the scanner which confirms that the person is indeed Dmitry Solodov and that he is in the allowed list. The allowed with a green tick is shown on the tablet screen and the diplomat is then allowed to proceed into the venue.

This is just one of the cutting edge tech deployed for the security of the Delhi G 20 summit meet.

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