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US and India
US and India

To counter China, US and India likely to announce major infra project in Gulf

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As the US President Joe Biden heads for India for summit meet of top 20 most powerful economies, the two countries, who see China as a major rival and threat, may announce a major infra project connecting various countries in Gulf.

Multiple US media reports have suggested that US along with India could announce a railway connectivity project with Saudi Arabia and UAE. This is being seen as major counter to the failing BRI of the China.

The deal, should it go through, would position US as a leader in the Gulf region where China is seriously wanting to make inroads. Ahead of the national election in US and India, this deal would be a major boost to both Joe Biden and Indian leader Narendra Modi.

With this, US would also like for both Saudi Arabia and Israel to normalize relations and talk connectivity in terms of trade.

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