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PM Modi
PM Modi

PM Modi to have bilateral with US President Biden and Bangladesh premiere Hasina today

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Ahead of G 20 summit level meeting, Indian Prime Minister would host US President Joe Biden in the PMO today over dinner. The two leaders are expected to finalize how things would move forward on GE jet engine deal as well as civil nuclear tech.

India is now to make a formal request to the US for MQ9 long range sea guardian and sky guardian drones after which the two side would begin price negotiations.

There is also the proposal of India being connected with Europe via the Gulf nations and an extensive railway corridor connecting Saudi Arabia and UAE and later possibly Israel would be explored. This will be a major counter to the China’s BRI initiative in the region.

India might also raise the issue that US, in the name of democracy, must not meddle into Bangladesh election. India and Bangladesh have things going and have even finalized rupee trade as much as possible while ditching the dollar.

Indian leader is also to host Bangladesh premiere Sheikh Hasina where the two sides wold enchance cooperation on infra projects to connect India’s north east but also ASEAN countries.

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