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Water tank
Water tank

Water tank collapses with loud thud, in Bhilai township, morning time water supply disrupted for thousands

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In a major disruption to water supply in parts of Bhilai township, two water tanks in sector-4 area collapsed with a loud thud.

The water tanks had stored thousands of liters of clean drinking water for supply to the households in the morning time but then came about this collapse. The people then queued up to find out the extent of damage and assess as to how long it would be before water supply to their area can be restored as normal.

This major collapse of water tanks comes days ahead of the festival season when the need to daily water might be on the rise. The local authorities are trying to figure out ways to manage this disruption as there are state election ahead and people might not like such disruption to continue for long.

It is learnt that Mayor Devendra Yadav and many other senior people have reached the spot and are in deliberations with the responsible technical staff. The water supply, because of this collapse, remains disrupted in sector 3 and 4 area, which is thousands of people.

The administration sources said that had this collapse been at any other time of the day, there could have been damage to life and property on an even bigger scale.

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