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‘Middle finger’ controversy, cricketer turned Parliamentarian explains to media

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Mired in controversy after he allegedly showed middle finger to the sloganeering crowd, cricketer turned Parliamentarian Gautam Gambhir says his reaction was to some fans shouting “anti India” slogans. “If someone abuses your country or shouts anti-India slogans, the reaction is natural. I am not a kind who’ll listen to those things and not react”, he said to inquiring media persons.

It was in Asia Cup 2023 and the encounter was between India and Nepal, when some fans apparently began raising slogans of ‘Dhoni Dhoni’.

On social media, many claim that the fans began chanting ”Dhoni Dhoni” when they spotted Gautam Gambhir in the stadium. They also allege that the cricketer turned Parliamentarian may have shown the ‘middle finger’ to the crowd.

Meanwhile, Gautam Gambhir also told media that India should solely focus on winning World Cup 2023 rather than looking at match against Pakistan. India is set to face off against Pakistan on October 14.

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