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Indian Navy has its own ChatGPT !!!!, listen to this Naval officer

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In Delhi for Naval Commanders Conference, Captain Kshitij Saxena of Indian Navy reacted to news reports that Indian Navy has its own ChatGPT.

Captain Kshitij Saxena told ANI, “ChatGPT has taken the world by storm because it has given flexibility and a level of interaction not seen earlier… Any such features are developed on LLMs (Large Language Models)… We have taken one such LLM from Open Source and then put it in our software and trained it for our purpose…”.

On the Indian Navy having developed NISAR, a secure messaging platform, Captain Kshitij Saxena says, “NISAR is a solution for safe communication and to ensure interoperability with friendly foreign navies… When friendly navies operate at sea together, there is a need to communicate… They have different communication setups… So to ensure that our communication system exchanges messages with them in a secure manner… So this solution (NISAR) has been tried and implemented…”

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