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‘Another day, another explosion..’ alleges Leader of Opposition, slams deaths and injuries in illegal factory blast

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Police fears several of the people might be dead in an explosion at the illegal crackers factory in Duttapukur. While a rescue operation is underway, the injured have been taken to Barasat Hospital for treatment.

There are allegations that the explosion took place in an illegal fire cracker factory inside a residence of a local in North Paraganas Duttapukur.

On Duttapukur crackers factory blast, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary says, “The amount in which the explosives are found it is clear that Bengal government has given the permission to use explosives wherever one wants. Traders in Explosives are given complete freedom to run their business. This has resulted in a series of deaths and blasts. This shows a failure of the Bengal government. When a blast takes place, we come to know that someone has died. After that, everyone gets quiet and the illegal business keeps running because the government prefers to stay quiet and the common man has to pay.”

Some of the assessments put the number of dead to be seven while several others are injured. The explosion was so severe that the roof was completely blown away and eyewitnesses claim to have spotted charred and dismembered bodies at the site. The explosion took place at around 10 am Sunday morning in Nilganj’s Moshpole area.

This site is said to be located some three kms from West Bengal state university.

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