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‘..would even make Pakistan into a Hindu nation’, watch as crowd cheers

Well known religious figure Baba Bageshwar Pt Dhirendra Shastri is in Surat of Gujarat since past two days.

Pt Dhirendra Shastri is the kind of religious figure who attracts lakhs of devotees and his popularity exceeds well beyond the Indian border.

But the saintly figure is also known for his comments, some of which is considered controversial.

For instance, his repeated assertion that he would want to make India into a Hindu nation. Many point out this goes against the concept of secular nation that India is identified with as per country’s Constitution.

'भारत ही नहीं पाकिस्तान भी बनेगा हिंदू राष्‍ट्र', Pok में भी गूंजेगा जय श्रीराम- सूरत में धीरेंद्र शास्त्री ने भरी हुंकार  - Republic Bharat

But now the saint has gone ahead and announced that he also looks forward to making neighbouring Pakistan a Hindu state. The announcement of his in Surat cheered crowd sitting in front of him in the audience.

Pt Dhirendra Shastri’s religious functions attract devotees in lakhs and this latest announcement of his would also be seen politically.






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