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‘..every politician…was jealous…’ Australian Leader of Opposition tells PM Modi

It is a viral speech made in the Australian Parliament. While the country right up from the government level was excited to host Prime Minister Modi in the country, the level of excitement Australian politicians witnessed in the Indian diaspora for Prime Minister Modi was something of a revelation for them.

This was also something that the American politicians have noticed when PM Modi visited US and addressed the diaspora community in a packed stadium alongside US President Trump.

But perhaps Australian Leader of Opposition Peter Dutton actually said it in so many words.

In a speech in the federal Parliament of Australia, Peter Dutton acknowledged the work done by Scott Morrison government and which was taken ahead by present Anthony Albanese government in improving relations with world’s most populous and largest democracy, India.

But then, he went on saying ‘……every politician there (Indian diaspora meet with PM Modi) last night was jealous of the fact that he (PM Modi) was able to get 20,000 people chanting his surname,,,in unison on the other side of the world,,,,i thought it was an extraordinary event,,and i really acknowledge the work of the Indian community in hosting Prime Minister Modi,,,we have an amazing diaspora community,,,people who have contributed in many many ways to our national life,,,,,,and they are an integral part of not only the present day Australia but into the future as well’.

This he said to PM Modi in personal meeting, as he acknowledged in the Parliament speech.  The speech is making waves in Indian domestic politics as well because while Narendra Modi is a phenomenon in India, his popularity is surging tremendously even abroad.

This is going to impact in a major way the upcoming crucial  state elections but also the very important national election in 2024.






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