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Actor Vicky Kaushal pushed aside,,,,,,fans enraged as video goes viral, he explains, watch

Social media cannot help talking about a viral video clip where actor Vicky Kaushal is seen interacting when security entourage of another Bollywood actor Salman Khan makes its way.

The two actors are in UAE to attend the IIFA 2023 Bollywood event where Vicky is to host alongside Abhishek Bachchan and Salman Khan is there as the star performer.

The video clip shows that Vicky Kaushal is first pushed aside and then as actor Salman Khan makes into the frame, Kaushal utters something in a friendly manner but it is not clear if Salman Khan responds.

On the whole, it also looked like Salman Khan is tense and then walks away. This led to speculations that there is some tension between the two actors and this video clip began doing rounds all over social media platforms.

But then another video clip soon emerged where Salman Khan is again passing by Vicky Kaushal standing and this time the two actors shake hands and also hug each other.

But the issue was still on the minds of those who closely follow Bollywood and this happened at the IIFA 2023 event  in UAE.

The journalists were chasing Vicky Kaushal for his viewpoint about the whole episode.

He eventually talked to the media and said that ‘things were not actually as they seemed sometimes on the video; there is no point in talking about it’.

This he said on the issue of Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal on him being ‘pushed’ by Salman Khan’s security at IIFA Awards 2023.





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