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Police pulls woman’s hair, kicks her, video goes viral, now demand for action grows

A mere video clip apparently says it all. The video clip that is doing round on social media across platforms in Chhattisgarh shows how a police personnel is behaving in an atrocious manner with women from vulnerable class.

The video clip shows a police personnel going for the hair of the woman to pull it inhumanely and then pushing her to the ground.

But this was apparently not enough as the police personnel then goes behind her and then strikes her on the back with his foot that is well protected by durable police boot. The woman, obviously not expecting this kind of treatment is completely taken aback and is shell shocked.

The visuals are from Surajpur district in Chhattisgarh where administration and police personnel visited Tilsi village to remove encroachment but as it happens, the women came forward and began to protest.

Seeing this, the police personnel allegedly got furious and thats when scuffle began and these visuals were captured. Police authorities are promising investigation now that the visuals have gone viral all over social media.

There are now demands being made the issue must be looked into by National Commission for Women as there might be other such acts not captured on cam.







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