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‘..accelerate…industrial cooperation initiatives’, high ranking US official to visit India

US is calling it a visit of Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin to Indo-Pacific countries. While the high ranking US official will be visiting Japan and Singapore amid heightened Chinese aggression, his visit to India is being looked at with great interest.

The visit aims, as per US side, to continue to modernize US India Major Defense Partnership. ‘The visit provides an opportunity to accelerate new defense innovation and industrial cooperation initiatives, drive ongoing efforts to expand operational cooperation between US and Indian militaries.

Whats all the more important is that this visit from Secretary Austin comes weeks ahead of a major state visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to US on the invite from President Joe Biden. It is being said that a lot of crucial agreements would be announced then to ensure that India becomes a major military power with indigenous capabilities.

Among the crucial agreements that may be sealed includes jet engine manufacturing in India to enable country create its own air force including medium weight fighter jets and fifth gen fighters.

Another agreement that may be sealed includes sale of high altitude long endurance drones that India may deploy extensively against China along the border but also along the Indian Ocean Region.







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