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Ron DeSantis announces 2024 US Presidential bid, should Trump and Biden worry ??

It was being expected and came to be true. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis officially launches his US presidential campaign.

De Santis has officially declared candidacy for Republican nomination for President and had filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission earlier.

Now the question on everyones mind is that would he be able to beat Donald Trump, when DeSantis is also styling himself as Trump style conservative.

DeSantis brings to the table that he has a record of achievement on conservative priorities and values that he can point to – a contrast to the four years of the Trump presidency that had few legislative victories.

However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign announcement plans evening were derailed by massive technical glitch on Twitter that prevented him from declaring his candidacy.

Eventually, Twitter owner Elon Musk and tech investor David Sacks had to start a new Twitter Spaces webcast after the original one failed.

DeSantis pitched Florida as a model for the nation and he was heard saying in a voice over, “We chose facts over fear, education over indoctrination, law and order over rioting and disorder.”.

US President Joe Biden who is also in race for White House for a second term was quick to post a video laying out rival Ron DeSantis agenda loud and clear.

What needs to be highlighted is that during Twitter announcement, Desantis responded on the immigration crisis: ‘If I were President I would reverse everything Biden is doing. We’ll declare a national emergency on day 1, construct a border wall, reimplement remain in Mexico, and deal with the cartels that are trafficking people and fentanyl to our country. We can’t allow these criminal organizations to continue poisoning our population. We’re going to stop this insanity once and for all on day 1’.






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