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Govt promoting paternity leave to tackle population woes

Workaholic men may be good for the economy but it has its impact on other aspects of the society.

Like in Japan, the government has announced paternity leave for the father and is aiming for 85% of male workers to avail the benefit but it turns out that the men are too afraid to take it.

The government measure is aimed at reversing the diminishing population situation in the island nation.

Japan is worried about the falling fertility rate and an aging population and thus wants to take measures to rectify it in the larger interest of the society.

As per a legislation passed in Japanese Parliament, the country’s men are entitled to four weeks of flexible paternity leave, with upto 80% of their salary.

But the scheme has so far not proven effective as men fear losing promotion chances or being shifted to other positions with fewer responsibilities.

The world’s third largest economy is facing challenge in that the long working hours have deprived workaholic fathers of family time and stay-home mothers of careers rather have helped drive the birth rate to one of the lowest in the world.





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