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Jashpur boy makes it to Mumbai Indians team

A Jashpur boy from Chhattisgarh state has made it to the Mumbai Indians as support player for IPL 2023.

Hailing from village Tapkara, Prashant Sai Paikra is now being praised and wished from all corners of the state.

Senior administration officials from district of Jashpur have also hailed the achievement of Prashant.

IPL 2023 is to commence from March 31 and the locals are still finding it hard to believe that a boy from amongst them has made it to such premiere sporting event.

Prashant’s father is a taxation officer in nearby Janpad Panchayat office.

It is learnt that Prashant got trained in Ranchi of Jharkhand and made it to under-19 team first.

It is his performance in Gujarat and Maharashtra events that brought him to limelight.

He has now been selected as support player in the Mumbai Indians team and will play in case a main team player gets injured or is unable to play for any other reason.

Prashant looks up to MS Dhoni, the former Indian Cricket team captain, as his icon.



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