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World News: Accused of removing Jinping from power, many officers-ministers imprisoned and sentenced to death, Swamy also tweeted

China official gets life imprisonment for corruption amid Xi Jinping's crackdown apa

Beijing: World News: Shocking news is coming out from China. A number of Chinese officials have been accused of culpability and given the death penalty, bringing under suspicion several Chinese officials amid fears that the Xi Jinping government may be toppled. It is being claimed that a former senior Chinese military officer challenged the authority of President Xi Jinping, after which the officer has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Apart from this, two former ministers have been sentenced to death, according to media reports. Actually, Sun Lijun was a deputy minister in the Chinese government. He was sentenced to death two years ago, but now the court, giving him relief, has converted his death sentence to life imprisonment. However, he will not get parole in this and he will not be allowed to come out of jail. Sun Lijun was accused of endangering Jinping’s security.

In addition, Fu Zengua, the former Justice Minister of China, has also been sentenced to life imprisonment. Zengua and Lijun are accused of challenging Xi Jinping to become president for the third time. Apart from this, he was included in the initial team to overcome the corona epidemic in 2020, but he left the post without carrying out his work properly. Apart from this, he was also accused of betraying the party.

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At the same time, Subramanian Swamy has also tweeted in this regard, in which he said, there is a rumor that Chinese President Xi Jinping has been removed from office. He wrote in the post that the new rumor should be investigated. Has Jinping been placed under house arrest in Beijing, the capital of China? All this happened while the Chinese President was in Samarkand.

World News: At that time the leaders of the Communist Party of China removed Xi Jinping from the post of army in-charge of the party. After that he was put under house arrest. However, how much truth is there in this matter and how much is this rumor, only the Chinese President and the government there can tell better.

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